Can Player get LISD OCPE (Off-Campus PE Credit)?

Yes, please print off and complete the application on the LISD website LINK.

Parents:  You must complete the OCPE Application and turn it into your player's respective counselor before school starts.  Players-at the end of every 6-week grading period it is your responsibility to complete the LISD Agency Commitment Form (p. 2) and take it to Charlie Little's (our school sponsor) administrative assistant, Phyllis Boddorf for signature.  PLEASE complete the form and fill in all of Mrs. Boddorf's contact info prior to her signing off on it.  She will have several of these to sign and we want to minimize impacting her time.  You will then need to turn the signed form into your respective counselor.  Where it asks for the Instructor's Name on the Application, please fill in Phyllis Boddorf and her contact info.  Her email is  On the Agency Commitment Form, please fill in as follows:

  • OCPE Agency site name:  Lady Vipers Lacrosse
  • Address:  Vandegrift HS
  • OCPE Agency Coordinator:  Phyllis Boddorf
  • Phone:  512-570-2311
  • Mark Category 2
  • # of Hrs involved each week: 5  (in the Fall list Tues-2.5 hrs, Thurs-2.5 hrs)

Varsity and JV Coaches will monitor weekly lacrosse hours and will inform Mrs. Boddorf  if you have met the minimum 5 hrs/week. Note, it is your responsibility to list your approximate weekly hours on the form, get the appropriate signature and turn the form into your counselor.  Please let Coaches know at the first fall practice if you are plan to participate in OCPE so they can monitor your activity.  If you have any additional questions, please contact your counselor or Ray Langlois at LISD, or 512-570-0383.