Can Player get LISD OCPE (Off-Campus PE Credit)?

Yes, guidelines for Off-Campus PE credit and requisite forms can be found on the LISD website here,  under the Off-Campus PE tab. Both the Student Application and Attendance and Pass/Fail Forms are found there. 

Players:  You must complete the LISD OCPE Student Application and turn it into Maureen Saunders (Counseling Office Admin Asst.) by the deadline stated by LISD, usually in late May or early June prior to the new school year.  On the  Form, please fill in as follows:

  • OCPE Program Selection:  check Category 2
  • OCPE Agency Name:  Lady Vipers Lacrosse
  • Instructor's Name:   Alyssa Murray
  • Instructor Email:
  • Student's Weekly Schedule:  Mon/Weds/Fri, 2 hours each, 4:30-6:30 PM

Once the OCPE application is approved,  it is your responsibility to complete the Attendance and Pass/Fail form and take it to your Varsity or JV coach for signature at the end of every 6-week grading period .  You have the choice of printing 6 copies of this form, getting each form signed for the corresponding 6 week period and turning in each form once.  Or you may return to the Counseling office to retrieve your original form, to continue the signature process on the same form every 6 weeks.  This form is also turned into Maureen Sanders.  It is highly suggested to keep a copy of this form (scanned or copied) for your own records.  

Varsity and JV Coaches will monitor weekly lacrosse hours.  Please let Coaches know at the first fall practice if you are planning to participate in OCPE so they can monitor your activity.  If you have any additional questions, please contact Maureen Sanders (512.570.2347 direct 512.570.2306 fax).