Lady Vipers Lacrosse highly encourages players to supplement high school and middle school programs with training and clinics offered by a variety of local lacrosse organizations.

Please see the following links for information on Fall travel programs and training:

  • Iron Horse Lacrosse Fall 2018-Summer 2019 tryouts (August 18th) LINK
  • Texas Play Hard Outlaws  Fall 2018-Summer 2019 tryouts (August 19th) LINK

1UP Sports Performance is a goal-oriented athletic development center that helps competitive athletes of all ages perform at the highest level through proven training techniques that achieve results. 1UP Sports also offers multiple Adult Fitness group classes daily, in a semi-private setting with a highly certified trainer. Personal Training is also available to fit your personal goals such as weight loss, muscle-toning, endurance, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation or preparing for a competitive sporting/fitness event.

Included in registration dues are Saturday sessions with 1UP Sports Performance trainers.  These sessions will include the following guidelines for training:

Balance Training- provides the foundation for athleticism.  Balance training unifies the body with strong neuromuscular connections, allowing the body to work as the brain commands.

Movement Training- focuses on movement training to improve athletes' multi-directional speed.  1UP focuses on skills that improve speed and deceleration.

Strength Training- focuses on strength training to increase the power athletes express on the field.  Athletes will gain lean muscle mass and learn to move functionally with strength.

The Lady Vipers will meet for mandatory sessions at the 1UP Sports Performance Facility located at:

2000 Windy Terrace, Building 10, Austin, TX 78613

Forward Motion Personal Training provides conditioning and strength training that improves functional movements in everyday life.

The Lady Vipers use Forward Motion Personal Training for optional workouts, $10/session, on Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30, at their newly opened location:

6507 Jester Blvd Suite 504, Austin, TX 78750

Varsity/JV games against McNeil 2/13/19 at Monroe Stadium