Lady Vipers Security

Lady Vipers Lacrosse want to ensure that your child is safe and that we have clear communications channels in place should you have any concerns for her or others’ well-being.

Inclement Weather / Lightning Policy

Lady Vipers Lacrosse recognizes the fact that inclement weather and other weather emergencies may affect our ability to hold practices, games, or events. The safety of our coaching staff, players, and parents is of paramount importance to us.

Athlete's Code of Conduct (CoC)

Being a member of the Vandegrift Lady Vipers Lacrosse team is a privilege, not a right, provided to players by the parents, coaches, organization members, and the board. The attached Athlete's Code of Conduct rules must be observed and followed.

LISD Temperature Guidelines

The extreme heat and cold in our region is a concern to the health and safety of our students and staff members.

Varsity/JV games against McNeil 2/13/19 at Monroe Stadium