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Lacrosse 101

Common Women Lacrosse Terms 

8-METER ARC: An arc marked in front of the goal used for the administration of major fouls. A defender may not remain in this area for more than three seconds unless closely marking her opponent.

12-METER FAN: A semi-circle area in front of each goal circle bounded by an arc 12 meters from the goal circles.

CHECKING: Using stick-to-stick contact to try and dislodge the ball.

FREE POSITION: An opportunity awarded to one player when a major or minor foul is committed by a player from the other team. All players must move 4 meters away from the player with the ball. When the whistle sounds to resume play, the ball carrier may run, pass or shoot.

GOAL CIRCLE: The circle around the goal to protect the goalkeeper. No player’s stick or body may “break” the plane of the goal circle.

SHOOTING SPACE: A player may not use any part of her body to guard the goal in a manner that denies the attacker the opportunity to shoot safely and encourages shooting at a player.

THREE SECONDS: While defending within the 8-meter arc, a player may not remain in that area more than 3 seconds unless she is marking an opponent within a stick's length.
RESTRAINING LINE: There are two restraining lines on the lacrosse field. Generally, around the 30 yard line on a football field. Each team must keep 4 plays behind the restraining line at all times; meaning there are 7 offensive players and 7 defenders in the play.

We are governed under the auspices of CAPLAX (Capital Area Girls' Lacrosse League) which is comprised of member programs located in the Austin, Texas and surrounding areas including Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander, Lake Travis and Westlake.  

Lady Vipers Youth Lacrosse is the feeder program for Vandegrift High School Girls’ Lacrosse. The main goal is teaching the game of lacrosse by learning and mastering basic skills.

Find details for our Fall and Spring seasons in the tabs below, along with information about equipment and Youth coaches.  Go to helpful Resources for our FAQs, Parent Portal, Private Lessons and more.  See individual Team Pages under the LVL Teams main menu tab above.

Email for questions regarding the youth program.